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Student Counselling

Intake Appointment or Drop In (up to 25 mins)

  • Get immediate support / strategies / resources.
  • Discuss how you want the Counselling Service to help you.
  • Possible referral to further counselling (generally with a different counsellor).

If further counselling is agreed on, we will contact you with an appointment.  This will usually be within two weeks but at busy times, it may take longer. We will also send you a text reminder before every session.

Subsequent counselling (50 minutes)

  • Usually for up to four sessions (on the same day, at the same time, with the same counsellor).
  • Work to an agreed focus.
  • If you and your Counsellor feel that you would benefit from more counselling, please get back in touch.
  • At the end of your counselling we welcome your feedback.  Please return the feedback form which will be given or emailed to you.

If you can’t come to an appointment

Demand for our service is high. If you can’t come, someone else may be able to. So:

  • Please let us know as soon as possible. If we don’t hear from you within 24 hours of a missed appointment, we will assume you no longer need counselling and your appointment will be offered to someone else.
  • A missed appointment counts as one of your 4 sessions
  • If you miss two appointments in a row, your contract will be ended and your time allocated to someone else. If you then want more counselling you will need to contact us to be put on the waiting list.

If you then want to continue with counselling, you may ask to be put back on the waiting list.

What happens in counselling

Counselling offers you a confidential and non-judgemental space. It aims to help you deal with your difficulties more effectively. You and your counsellor will agree a way of working together and what you want to look at. The counsellor will help you explore what is going on and how to make changes or develop useful strategies. Counselling is not about giving advice or solving your problems for you, although we can offer relevant resources and information.

Confidentiality and Ethical Framework

Confidentiality is held between the client and the Counselling team. Information will not be given to anyone outside of the service without your permission, except if your counsellor believes there is a serious threat of harm either to yourself or anyone else. Whenever possible they would discuss this with you first.

The Counselling Service works to the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions


Data storage

  • Brief notes are kept of the sessions and are coded and kept separate from any identifying data.
  • All notes and records are kept securely, in compliance with the General Data Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).
  • Data kept by the service is not part of your student record.
  • All data is securely destroyed after 7 years.
  • We process the information you give us to enable us to provide an effective and ethical counselling servic and so that we can contact you when we need to.

Please see our privacy notice for more information.

Audio recording

Your Counsellor may ask if they can record your sessions.  If you agree to this, they will discuss it fully with you before recording.


The Counselling Service will deal with any complaints from clients in an ethical and respectful manner.

Please read our complaints procedure for more information.

Care Experienced Students

The University has put together a package of support for Care Experienced Students. Please access this link to view the support on offer in detail.

In the meantime, consider…

  • Informing your Personal Tutor or Programme Administrator about your difficulties.
  • Contacting your GP, especially if you are experiencing low mood, anxiety or have any worrying physical symptoms.
  • Visiting our website for self-help information and details of other sources of support.
  • The UBU Help Centre also has lots of helpful information.
  • The Counselling Service runs a weekday daily drop-in during term time at 1.45pm and 2.15pm, no appointment needed.


We need your feedback to help us deliver the best service we can. Please complete a feedback postcard in reception.